Born in Canada, living in Japan, husband, and father of 1 beautiful daughter.

My background isn’t all that unique as far as Software Engineers go. I started building computers at a young age which eventually led to me learning programming throughout late middle school and high school. I eventually went on to major in Computer Programming and, shockingly, become a programmer.

I have experience in the full stack but consider myself much more of a backend developer than anything else. I’ve worked in startups and well-established companies, companies with as few as 20 employees or as many as over 1800.

I’ve since moved on from working professionally as a Software Engineer / Computer Programmer and into management. With that said, I still do my own side projects and the occasional freelance project, as well.

When it comes to management, I strongly believe that in order to build a strong team, division or organization that communication is key. Without communication, you will never be able to build trust or to align across the team.

I’m a strong believer in the Agile methodology from the engineering perspective as well as applying it to leadership and management. I am the very first Certified Agile Leader in Japan. With that said, I will be among the first to tell you that Agile is not a silver bullet and may not be the solution you need within your organization.

As I continue my leadership journey and work on some (of what I think to be) interesting side projects, I will be posting my thoughts and experiences to this blog. I hope that you’ll follow me on my path.

Thank You for reading!